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St. Bede's Catholic Junior School has joined forces with Knowsley City Learning Centres to provide current information regarding E Safety. We work hard in school to keep children safe when using electronic devices and we want to support parents and carers in further supporting their children at home.

Monthly newsletters will be posted on this part of the website. They are extremely useful and packed with the latest information. We hope you find them informative - please let us know what you think! Send us a Tweet @stbedesjunior. 

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Children, particularly younger children, can be bothered by things they see online, and filters can be a helpful tool in reducing the chances of coming across something upsetting.

Managing access to online content is very much an art and whilst no filter or parental controls tool is 100% effective, this utility will help you test the main components of any filtering or parental controls (if they are active) on your Broadband or mobile connection. Click the LINK to access City Learning Centres) site and test your filtering controls.

The BBC Own It keyboard and app gives children advice when they need, in real-time as they type! Helping children to make smart choices, feel more confident, and live their best life online. Click the LINK to find out more.


Below are some great books to share with your child about E Safety.


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Please enjoy Class 3.2's recent E Safety assembly which demonstrates St. Bede's commitment to E Safety.

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