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Welcome to St. Bede’s Catholic Junior School.

St. Bede’s Catholic Junior School is an extraordinary school. Not only is it extraordinary; it’s unique. I think that’s probably to do with what we do and how we do it. It’s hard to explain what makes St. Bede’s Catholic Junior School so special but whatever it is, all visitors feel it from the moment they enter our wonderful school!

I explain to parents/carers that my aim for every child in our school is to be happy in school so they develop a love of learning. I believe happy children learn successfully. As a Headteacher, I want to ensure everyone is happy in the whole learning process including all of the staff. The teachers and the staff as a whole are chosen carefully so they embrace our values and complement our team. Our strong Catholic ethos underpins everything that we do at St. Bede’s Catholic Junior School. Every decision we make in school is from a Christian perspective. Christ is at the centre of our daily mission and work. The children are taught to live out Christian values of truth, forgiveness, generosity, justice, service and love and will be able to relate these to their daily lives. Our daily acts of Collective Worship seek to reiterate these values and serves to unite our school community. British Values are also important in our school as we educate our children to be citizens in democratic Britain, yet also in a constantly changing world. 

Key Stage 2 is a significant stage which lays the foundation for future learning. It’s where we teach children HOW to learn and where we are able ignite their curiosity and desire to learn more. Through their curiosity, we are able to learn from our pupils every day. However, learning is not only about the national curriculum.The ‘hidden curriculum’ is of equal importance: how we teach children to get on with each other and deal with life  in 21st century Britain and the wider world. Social and emotional development is fundamental to child development and we pride ourselves on the self-confidence and high levels of self-esteem demonstrated in our children. The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is at the heart of our Mission Statement and is promoted throughout through the Catholic ethos of the school.

Choosing St. Bede’s Catholic Junior School for your child means you will feel welcomed as a family. I hope that should you ever have any worries, concerns or simply questions that you would like to ask that you will find me, and the staff, very approachable.  

Mrs. Faith Tiernan

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