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The St. Bede's Catholic Junior School Curriculum

At St. Bede’s Catholic Junior School we believe that teaching and learning should be relevant to the children in our care and should not only meet the requirements of National Curriculum 2014 but should also be exciting and enjoyable.  The curriculum is at the heart of the school’s strategies to raise achievement and improve outcomes for all children.  It is dynamic, adaptable, evolving and a vital part of the drive for on-going school improvement.  The curriculum at St. Bede’s has been designed to prepare children for the opportunities and challenges they face in the 21st century; ensuring children are fully equipped to embrace a rapidly changing world.  The significance of the curriculum and the way it is taught is crucial to the development of the child as a learner. We strive to ensure that the curriculum engages, enthuses, enriches, enlivens, motivates the child and develops in each child curiosity and excitement about the world.  We aim to embed these attitudes through the curriculum as they are essential in learning for life whilst motivating and developing curiosity and excitement for life-long learning for each child for the world in which they live.

Our curriculum: 

  • is underpinned by aims, values and purpose;

  • develops the whole child: knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes;

  • is broad, balanced and has clear progression in subject knowledge and skills;

  • is filled with rich first-hand purposeful experiences;

  • is flexible and responsive to pupils'needs and interests;

  • embeds the principle of sustainability;

  • has an eye on the future and the needs of future citizens;

  • encourages the use of environment and expertise beyond the classroom;

  • makes meaningful links between  knowledge across the curriculum and current events and local, national and world issues;

  • has a local, national and international dimension.

Please click on the St. Bede's logo below to view our curriculum plans.

To further support your child's learning at home in all curriculum areas, please visit the sites below.  You will find links to websites that we subscribe to. Children can use these interactive resources outside of school to further enhance learning in the curriculum.

Learning Links

At St. Bede's Catholic Junior School we take all learning seriously- whether it is at home or in school. That's why we have created this page for our pupils and parents to continue the special learning journey at home too. Below is a list of excellent resources that will enhance, deepen and broaden your child's / children's learning at home. Please let us know if you need any further information. Enjoy!

Linguascope is an award-winning language learning website. Please log in and enjoy the site with your child.

Username: sbjs

Password: spain


BBC has a wonderful selection of on-line resources to support learning and revision at home (reading, writing, EPGS, maths).  

Mr. Hurst, Maths Subject Leader, recommends practising your times tables using the inter-active games on Top Marks maths page.  Give it a go!  

We will be adding lots more to this page as our website develops so watch this space!

Pobble is an educational platform, designed by and for teachers to help improve children’s writing.Visit our Pobble page to see children's wonderful writing!

Letter-join includes animations of all the letters of the alphabet with a spoken commentary on how to write each letter. Patterns, Letters and Words can all be watched and traced on-screen. Magic Words lets you trace over your own words on a number of exciting backgrounds and Custom Words lets you input your own words, replay the video and trace over the words for IWB practice. This site is a fantastic resource for all children when working on their handwriting.

Charange Music Resources provide contemporary digital resources for music teachers and schools. It is an exciting online learning tool for children and young people

Doodle Maths is an award - winning maths programme which rapidly accelerates children's progress in maths.  It is an individual study program at the fingertips of your child. It is proven to raise confidence and attainment in mathematics. 


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